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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Telehealth For Your Next Physiotherapy Visit

Here’s a scenario.

It’s Monday morning, the alarm went off and you need to get up, get ready and go to work. But the moment you try to roll over, a sharp pain shoots through your back and you sigh to yourself ‘damn that back again’. Your next Physio appointment isn’t scheduled till next month but you wish it was today instead.

So you rang the physio clinic to bring your appointment forward. They say their morning schedule's pretty packed but they're happy to 'squeeze' you in anyway. You didn't think twice and immediately agreed to take the appointment and then realised later that you have to drive to get there. Your back's already hurting and driving is the last thing on your mind.

As painful as it sounds, you drove to the clinic, praying there will be no traffic and hoping that there will be at least one available parking spot. You finally arrive, only to realise your physio was running late and there was a waiting line. You're surrounded by other clients who didn't seem very well, some may be coughing and spluttering. For a moment, you forgot about your back pain and start to worry about all the other diseases you might get instead..

Sounds familiar?

But what if I tell you, you could book an appointment with just a click of a button?

What if you could get faster access to a follow up which results in better outcomes?

What if you could receive advice and treatment at home and save yourself some energy from having to drive through traffic to get to the other side of town?

What if you could be productive at home while you wait for your physio to call you when they are ready?

What if you didn't have to wait in a room filled with other unwell people?

I know you probably have a number questions popping up in your head about telehealth because it might be a new term; a new and unfamiliar way of seeing a health professional because it’s not the norm and you’re not sure whether it'll work for you.

I know you’re questioning these things because I have been there. I used to wonder if telehealth is possible - whether someone could see a physiotherapist through video consultation and have their pain go away.

The answer to all the above is -

Yes, it is possible.

And there are plenty of evidence to support this. There are plenty of doctors and health professionals implementing this in their practice for a long time before Covid-19. And the outcomes can be just as effective to standard practice, if not better.

So now, the decision is in your hands.

The only other pain you have to get through is to find that booking button (that's if you're technology challenged) but once you've figured it out, the rest will be history.


Olivia Ting is an in-house telehealth physiotherapist at Travel Physio. When she's not writing or treating clients for Travel Physio, you'll probably find her chasing sunrises or sunsets on a beautiful mountain somewhere.

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