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What is Telehealth Physiotherapy? - A guide for First-Timers

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Can’t access physiotherapy? - Because you're travelling? Caught up with work? In too much pain?

We’ll come to you.

How about having your Physio touching you over your phone?

Telehealth Physiotherapy, in simple terms, is the delivery of physiotherapy services to clients through today’s technology. As long as you are connected to a phone network and internet, you will be able to receive telehealth. The most common mediums used are videoconferencing, phone calls, web pages and apps that may contain visual and audio content.

Why would you use Telehealth Physiotherapy?

Faster access

Remember that last ‘on hold’ music you had when you made a phone call to a busy clinic? And then when you finally got through, the receptionist barely empathised with you? Yep, we've all been there.

Telehealth enables us to see a physiotherapist sooner and at a time that is convenient for both the therapist and client. With a click of a button on our webpage, you’ll be able to access all the available appointment times and make a booking right away. Help is on its way.

Less travel

There is no need to travel distances for an appointment and the video consultation can easily be conducted at your own home (or your office if you couldn't get out of work early enough). This saves you travel time and time lost where you can be spending doing other productive activities.

Lower costs

Our telehealth physiotherapy packages allow you access to your physiotherapist 24/7 for a certain timeframe (e.g. 3 months) depending on the package that you and your therapist have decided on. This could save you a huge amount of costs especially if you have to return to your physiotherapist every week for a review of your program and progress.

For those who live in remote areas, this could save you accommodation costs too as you won’t need to travel to the clinic and stay overnight in a different location, subsequently putting less strain on loved ones who may need to travel with you to appointments.

Decreased stress You will be able to stay with your loved ones and be with your family members instead of having to make alternative arrangements to look after children, pets or even receiving that important parcel.

This also means no need to plan for travel time, no sitting in traffic and no need to dress up to go to your appointment. All the more reason to stay in your comfy sweater and track pants!

No waiting lines Caught the Covid-19 scare? Having a video appointment means no waiting lines and no uncomfortable waiting in a waiting room filled with unwell clients. If the therapist is running late, you will be notified right away and can spend this time doing other things around your private space until the therapist gives you a call.

Who can access Telehealth Physiotherapy?

Anyone with pain or an injury can access telehealth physiotherapy even if you currently don’t have a private health fund. As physiotherapists in Australia are first contact practitioners, just like GPs, you do not need a referral from your doctor to see a physio. We will assess your injury and recommend a suitable rehabilitation package that is individualised and cost effective for you.

"As physiotherapists in Australia are first contact practitioners, just like GPs, you do not need a referral from your doctor to see a physio. "

If you are not sure whether telehealth physiotherapy is for you, we currently offer a 15 minute free consultation where we will provide you as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.

If you would like to see us through your private health fund, we recommend you contact your health provider to see if your insurance covers telehealth physiotherapy. Several private health funds will provide coverage for telehealth physiotherapy from Tuesday 14 April 2020 subject to the conditions below:

  1. The service is delivered before 30 September 2020, and

  2. The service is undertaken in accordance with Australian Physiotherapy Association guidelines.

  3. The customer is undergoing an existing course of treatment and the customer has seen the physiotherapist over the past six months, or

  4. For new patients, the tele-physiotherapy service has been recommended by their general practitioner or relevant medical specialist, and

  5. The primary condition being treated is one of:

    • Post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation (e.g. Total hip or knee replacement)

    • Chronic musculoskeletal condition (e.g. osteoarthritis)

    • Cardiac rehabilitation

    • Pulmonary rehabilitation, or

    • pelvic floor muscle training

How to get started?

Simply book an appointment with us in the link below and choose an appointment time.

All the information you need including the video consultation link will be sent to your email so remember to check your inbox prior to your appointment time. We will contact you prior to your appointment time to confirm your details and walk you through any questions you may have prior to our video call.

If you are not familiar with technology, don’t fret, you can have a family member or friend to help you operate your equipment during your consultation.

You will need:

  • A phone or computer/laptop

  • Reliable internet

  • Comfortable clothes to move in

At the end of the day, we understand there's a first to everything and it's only a matter of time before something new becomes second nature to you. Telehealth physiotherapy aims to increase the accessibility of physiotherapy, helps you take control of your health and improve your quality of life around your busy schedule. Your health comes first - because without health, we can't do life.


Olivia Ting is an in-house telehealth physiotherapist at Travel Physio. When she's not writing or treating clients for Travel Physio, you'll probably find her chasing sunrises or sunsets on a beautiful mountain somewhere.

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