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Breathe. Why is it so important in and out?

Such a simple word yet so often forgotten.

Unless you're a singer, woodwind or brass player, chances are you probably don't understand your breathing mechanism inside out. Professionals spend hours practising breathing so they probably don't get very much chance to stop breathing. And they probably realise very quickly once they do.

We, on the other hand, sometimes forget to breath but don't realise we make that mistake until someone points it out. Try picking something up from the floor right now.

Did you hold your breath just then? I bet you did.

The only reason why I can predict this is because over the years, the number of people who I've caught holding their breath while they perform their daily duties or exercise is somewhat shocking. The tends to happen in people who have experienced pain for a prolonged period of time, also known as chronic pain.

Let me explain why. When we are in pain, it catches our breath and at the same time, your body goes into fight or flight mode, subsequently tensing your muscles. This is a normal response your body will make, especially when you're experiencing a new kind of pain for a short period of time. Think about that time when you plucked your nose hair and winced. I'm sure you've done that.

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