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How much power do you actually have?


There's 2 powerful definitions that I'll like to draw from this word:

  1. The amount of physical strength you possess in your mind and body.

  2. The ability to change your circumstances to produce a desired effect.

Pain. We all experience this at some point in life but the way we all deal with it is different.

The other person in the same room as you could be experiencing the same type of pain but why does one rate this 'pain' higher and the other rates it lower? How do you explain two people with the same surgery but both resulting in very different outcomes?

The answer simply is because we all possess different magnitudes of power.

In the medical world, physiotherapists, also known as physical therapists, are no stranger to measuring a person's muscle power - which is what we may commonly know as physical strength. They have the ability to pinpoint muscles that are weak and subsequently prescribe exercises that will help you increase your strength.

Some people fully recover. Others, might not have that same journey.

Now, you must be wondering - Why is that?

Being a physiotherapist myself, I can't help with being amused by some of the comments my clients make; how they view physiotherapists as "superheroes" and have "magic hands" that seemed to cure people's aches and pains.

But, there will be a point where a physiotherapist's abilities will come to a halt. The beauty of a physiotherapist is that they can empower you with an abundance of motivation and all the knowledge you'll ever need to recover fully but in the end, it is YOU who have the power to control what your mind and body can do.

Your strength is your power. But your power is also your strength.

Think about those elite athletes that were once an amateur and also once a complete beginner. Believe it or not, they are not born talented. It takes sheer willpower to get to where they are today.

And it takes time.

It's not going to be an easy route. You know that. Rehabilitation takes time. Learning something new takes time.

BUT, it is very much possible.

So think of yourself as an athlete, tap into your power within and ask yourself:

How much power do you actually have?


Olivia Ting is an in-house telehealth physiotherapist at Travel Physio. When she's not writing or treating clients for Travel Physio, you'll probably find her chasing sunrises or sunsets on a beautiful mountain somewhere.

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