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The Secret to Accomplishing Anything is to Begin

Til this day, I can still remember the disappointment on my piano teacher's face when I showed up at my piano lesson. The moment my fingers touched the piano, she knew immediately that I haven't done enough practice; that there was barely any improvement and it was even less exciting for her, because it meant she had to teach me the same thing over and over again. For weeks. Little did I know then but I bet she felt sorry for me.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and 66 days to make it automatic.

I say it really depends on the habit you're trying to build and how consistent you are in keeping yourself accountable. It's not rocket science. The problem is people give up too easily.

Sometime we wonder why we don't see results in the things we do. Sometimes I have clients coming to me, telling me about how they have had a certain condition for years and tried every modality there is in the medical world but still, never seemed to come to terms to what's wrong with them or why everything that they've tried had failed.

The secret is to simply begin.

It doesn't matter how many exercises a physiotherapist should prescribe you because at the end of the day, even if he gave you one simple task to do, and you didn't spend a single second or effort to complete it, then every help and guidance that was offered to you thereafter will be resultless too.

So, just remember, when you're ready to change something in your life, just begin.


Olivia Ting is an in-house telehealth physiotherapist at Travel Physio. When she's not writing or treating clients for Travel Physio, you'll probably find her chasing sunrises or sunsets on a beautiful mountain somewhere.

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